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Once in a while, fashion needs rule breakers but there is always a subtlety required to incorporate wild and rebellious designs in everyday eastern wear. Absolute outrageous, OTT and renegade prints are not always welcome and very few designers in Pakistan know how to ace them. Zaha is one such fashion label which promises to provide its clientele with out-of-the-box, cool and contemporary styles that celebrate a fashion rebel.

With an assortment of feisty and artsy prints on cozy khaddar, Zaha’s Ready-To-Wear Drop III capsule is definitely one to look out for. The brand has amped up the colour palette this time using bright popping shades over muted tones. The price range of these kurtas is reasonable starting from PKR 3400 and up to PKR 4200.

Have a look at our top 5 design picks from the collection:


Align them right




Shake things up a little with bold and contrasting prints. If you are not sure where to start, Zaha has three vivid designs with checks, stripes, houndstooth and plaids all remixed in colourful hues. Play it safe by sticking to a uniform colour palette when experimenting with different patterns – orange and black are Zaha’s picks here – or you can test out the same print in multiple tones.

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Creature comforts




A quirky kurta with an animal motif is a good addition to your wardrobe especially for occasions when you want your inner child to run wild. This number has a muted cream canvas with an embroidered leopard motif on the hem. What’s interesting is that the design also incorporates contrasting leapord print trimmings. With a structured silhouette, this edgy shirt is a standout look!


Theatrical elements





Mughal miniature inspired artwork in dazzling colours is artistically arranged on a deep navy canvas. It looks simplistic but you can spot elephants, umbrellas, floral arrangements and pomegranates in the pattern. The quirky button details and a chevron print add more elegance.


A page from the wildwood




The kurta has a sophisticated grey plaid overlaid with distinct embroideries that depict a fall forest. Pair this understated shade with a bold red or coral lip and get ready to conquer your day in style!


Lavender bloom




A beautiful crossover silhouette of white over black stand out in this kurta. Its monochrome base complements well with quirky button detailing and hints of amethyst flora and fauna along with foreign scriptures. The shirt can be dressed down for a casual hangout or dressed up for a night out.

Scroll through the complete lookbook of Zaha RTW Drop III collection here and grab your favourite piece before it’s sold out!