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It’s called the Festival of Lights and for good reason. While Diwali - which symbolises the spiritual “victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance” – is the most auspicious event on the Hindu calendar, in Karachi it’s an opportunity for people to get together and share a happy day with Hindu friends. And Deepak Perwani, one of the most high profile Hindus in the city if not country, this weekend invited his friends and family to his new home to celebrate like there’s no tomorrow. The party became a night of lights as an endless stock of fireworks and firecrackers were lit up to commemorate.



Dressed in a white chikankari kurta pajama, Deepak was the perfect host.



Phuljaris with phuljaris: Amna Ilyas, who’ll be appearing in Saqib Malik’s upcoming film Baji, and Sadaf Kanwal, looking fantastic as always.



When in Rome…which is why everyone decided to dress up for the occasion. Loved the statements made in saris.



Sarwat Gilani looked the part in a traditional Pink Tree outfit while her husband Fahad wore a white chikankari kurta. Deepak’s swimming pool (in the background) was covered with marigolds and people visiting his home for the first time almost stepped onto it, thinking it was a dance floor! It’s unbelievable that there were no accidents!



Nomi Ansari looked great in his well styled yellow kurta pajama (mehndi goals, people), while Feroze Khan turned up in a black shirt because…because he could. I pulled out a festive Pink Tree outfit I had made for a family wedding.



I love Ayesha Toor’s personal style, which is very Goth-rebel and she manages to find a way to modify it for every occasion. Here she was, dark and yet festive with bestie Zhaley Sarhadi and Jaffer Hassan.



Chandni, Sabine, Reshmi, Huma, myself and Fareshteh trying to strike conversations over the deafening cackle of fireworks. No one complained though…Diwali without fireworks and patakhas would be like Basant without patangs.



Shaniera Akram is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet and she looked beautiful in a Yasmeen Jiwa Diwali outfit.



Mahira Khan, as lovely and understated as always. She has an inner elegance that keeps her at the top.



Tabesh Khoji, everyone’s Man Friday, with Sonya Hussyn, who I missed because she arrived after I had left. She does channel ‘Desi Girl’ vibes quite well, you’ve got to admit.