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The release of Lux TVC has become somewhat of a special moment which we look forward to every year.

Given Lux’s long standing association with film stars, every year – when a new campaign is being launched – one wonders who the new faces will be. Add to that the grand event for the TVC launch – which is at par with any of the movie premieres – and you have an exciting prospect.

This year was no different either. Lux recently hosted a glamorous afternoon soiree to meet the three gorgeous new Lux girls: Reema Khan, Mahira Khan and Maya Ali.



The event took place on a rainy day in Karachi, with Zara Peerzada as host, adding to the fashion quotient of the evening. The Lux girls, of course, looked every bit the reason they were there. Maya showed up in a beautiful Nomi Ansari dress and looked gorgeous head to toe. Mahira walked in wearing an all white, chic Sana Safinaz pantsuit whereas Reema chose an ethnic, ochre top paired with ivory Khaadi Khaas pants.

What do Maya, Mahira and Reema have in common, you may think; other than films, that is. The thing is that the three came together as the perfect faces of Pakistan’s cinema: past present and future.

This latest campaign of Lux, called ‘Fans of Each Other’ has a very unique concept that brings together three big stars, who are the past, present and future of our film industry. Reema is the face of Pakistani cinema through the 90s; what makes her so relevant is that she’s still in the picture and is working on new projects. Mahira Khan is the star of the moment; she is Pakistan’s sweetheart and Pakistani cinema’s biggest ambassador to the world. Maya’s debut film is coming up and she has already signed up for her next. She is the face of the future and certainly is going places.

The message Lux delivers through this ad is that although these girls are made to sound like they are rivals but in reality they are not. They share a strong bond, praise each other and are genuinely happy with each other’s success; they are, in fact, each others’ support system. The ad beautifully portrays the #FansOfEachOther mantra as each Lux girl writes and receives a beautiful letter of appreciation from their co-star, praising and admiring them for all that they’ve achieved and how they inspire them to do more.

This particular Lux ad taps into a sentiment of sisterhood, something that one would rarely expect in a nascent industry where opportunities are limited and professional rivalries abundant. It’s aspirational, just like the soap itself.

Take a look at this video, for instance:


Here we have the iconic Lollywood actress Reema, reading a letter from Mahira. “Reema ji, you have ruled over millions of hearts yet your passion to learn is unmatchable even today. That is why you are my inspiration. Your biggest fan, Mahira.” If this isn’t sweet, we don’t know what else is.

Similarly, here’s a video of Mahira reading a letter from Maya:



“Hey superstar. From being a VJ to getting recognized internationally, you worked so diligently. Your hard work makes me your biggest fan!” Another heart-warming message, this time in Maya’s voice.

And finally, a video of Maya reading a letter from Reema:



“Dear Maya, you were able to win over hearts in such a short span of time. Your dedication has won my heart too,” Reema can be heard saying.

Over all, we think the new lux campaign definitely makes a strong mark due to its fresh and engaging concept. And to be honest, it’s kind of hard to wait for another year to see what Lux will do next!