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Syra Yousuf was recently heavily trolled when her sister, stylist Palwasha Yousuf, posted an unfiltered picture of the actor on her Instagram in which Syra’s skin looks ‘real’. Although she is all decked up, she or her sister, didn’t use editing techniques to make her skin look shiny and smooth and that’s when all hell broke loose!

A woman in Pakistan is expected to meet a plethora of set standards and unjust beauty criterion is amongst them. She has to be tall, slim, petite, fair with a flawless skin, irrespective of her age or what she is going through in life. This is magnified if that woman belongs to the media industry and same happened with Syra.



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Faceless keyboard mafia jumped at the chance and mocked her for showing her real skin without any editing. The comments were harsh and showed the unjust beauty standards set by our society where women are expected to be perfect beings:





While some sane voices also appreciated the actor as well as the stylist for being real:




However, the actress didn’t leave any room for the trolls to disturb her mental peace. Responding to the backlash, Syra posted a natural selfie and wrote: “I really like my skin.”  She also used the hashtag “No Filter” to further get her point across.