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People who work at Khaadi know Shamoon Sultan and what a great mentor he is. I got the chance to spend a couple of hours with the man at his factory in Site Area, Karachi, and came away very inspired by his vision, supported by certain habits that have allowed him to achieve what he has. Books have been written on ‘Habits of Highly Successful People’ and during the interview, I took away several vital elements that have contributed to his success.

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I know this will and should inspire young fashion students, entrepreneurs and basically the youth that is ready to embark on its professional journey and can learn from Shamoon.


“I say this to myself and to my entire team: you should never force yourself to go to work,” says Shamoon. “In these 19 years there was only 1 day when I didn’t want to go to work and that day I promised myself I would never let such a day come in my life again. So never force yourself to come to work; do what you love and work for your passion.”


Money is a by-product of success but should not be your reason to work. “Stop working for money and start working for satisfaction,” says Shamoon. “There is a huge difference; money won’t last forever but satisfaction will. You should go back home satisfied. One cannot give their 100 per cent every day but when people find their passion and love for what they want to do, then it becomes a success.”


There is art and sculptures by Pakistani artists all over Shamoon’s factory. You need to feel good about the space you work in.


“Honesty, loyalty to your work, integrity and passion are the key things,” he says. “Be honest to yourself and to your work and nothing will hold you back.”


Shamoon is generally the first person to work because of which not only does he avoid the rush hour but he gets to start the day and plan it for others to follow. People who sleep in generally tend to waste half the day and those are hours have priceless value. ‘Early to bed and early to rise’ is the best way to go.


Shamoon’s obsessive working habits are possible only because he is a “fitness person,” he says. He loves to work out and he takes his diet very seriously. He’ll have a salad for lunch but nothing that will slow him down. He works 12-14 hours a day and for that you need to be very careful about your nutrition.


Javed Miandad, Shabaz Ahmed, Jahangir Khan and Imran Khan: sportsmen that have put Pakistan on a global map inspire Shamoon because that’s what he wants to do with Khaadi.



Too many young designers and entrepreneurs look for overnight fame, but that’s a short-term goal; the quicker you rise, the quicker you fall.

“I’ve never taken any shortcuts in life,” says Shamoon. “I’ve given my best in everything I do, been very honest about everything – about my work, about my dedication to my employees and to everybody who works with me. Honesty, integrity and commitment I think are the elements that make one successful; to never ever compromise on that and remember there are no shortcuts.”


Most designers I know are on a perpetual vacation or are on an endless loop of late nights and parties; it often makes one wonder when they work but then that is probably why they haven’t made it as big as they could have. Shamoon avoids the party circuit and will be rarely be spotted on the social pages; he’s too busy working. That said, he does take 2-3 holidays a year, with his family, to spend time with his kids.

London is his favourite vacation spot and believe it or not, he does not take his phone with him!


  • Shamoon’s portraits by Kashif Rashid