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While most celebrities prefer to keep their opinions to themselves rather than actually saying things out loud, there are a few who love to be in the limelight for all their controversial views. No, we aren’t talking about Hamza Ali Abbasi this time, but probably the next big contender of social media rants, Shaan Shahid.

Taking to Facebook to opine his distaste for Pepsi’s upcoming Battle of the Bands, the actor wrote a rather interesting few lines about what he really thinks about the show. We tried to figure out whether his views were more about the show or those in it.

In his post, Shahid wrote:

“Old car shots, old song and late comers to the music scene. Pepsi battle of the bands has no bands only second hand cokesters. Stick to cricket as coke owns the music scene. Pepsi.”


Now whether the Arth 2 actor wrote his opinion to stay relevant or whether he actually hates the Pepsi promo, we must say these are some big words to use against ‘cokesters.’ One couldn’t help but think that names like Fawad Khan, Meesha Shafi, and Atif Aslam – celebs, who have had more success in the recent time than Shaan himself, are reason for this jealous rant.

While we still figure out what just happened, and whether this is yet another dig at people who have turned into bigger superstars in the recent years, we’ll let time tell how this ‘cokie’ crumbles, pun intended.