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The original Pakistani hero,  Shaan Shahid, is coming to screens with Arth 2 after a short hiatus since Waar in 2013. (We’re not counting O21 or Yalghaar.) The actor has been a part of the film industry since 27 years, and has witnessed the transition of the film industry, through Lollywood to modern day Pakistani cinema. Thus, who else than Shaan – who’s known for his straightforward and bluntly honest approach – to answer all our haute questions?

The star  joined us last night for a live chat after a long day of film promotions, and out of everything we talked about, here are 7 things we learnt about Shaan!


Shaan is a hands on dad!

It’s always interesting to know what stars of this magnitude are like at home, and hearing Shaan talk about his daughters was absolutely endearing. “I am a hand’s on dad…I love to make their hair, I give good blow dries!” The actor told us he takes out time for his daughters, to do everything his mother did for him back when he was a child.




There’s a tree growing inside his house!

There’s a full grown tree in the center of his daughter’s bedroom! “I think in reality there should be a dream world somewhere,” the actor pondered when we asked him if the tree adds a spooky element to the interior.


Shaan has never voted

Despite his concern and opinions about the government, Shaan reveals that he has never voted.


The secret to his fitness

“It’s not about a day or two, it’s a lifestyle and I’m happy that I adapted this lifestyle,” Shaan admitted. “Eat right, be happy, be positive and stop working out like the Hulk!” he advises.


Shaan thinks Humayun Saeed is a great actor

When asked which male actor he thinks is doing well today, after a long pause Shaan responded with none other than Humayun Saeed’s name. “Humayun is really good, very focused on what he does but I think right now he’s in a different sort of mindset where he’s trying to find that balance between the films he makes.”


He thinks Mahira Khan is the saving grace of Verna

“Mahira is beautiful, Mahira is intelligent, Mahira has done such good work in that film!” the actor said, speaking of Verna, “But unfortunately the script did not support her. I don’t know why she picked up the script…”





Shaan has planned an audience premiere for Arth2!

“The best way to enjoy a family dinner is with the family, and the best way to enjoy a film is with the audience,” Shaan says, revealing that the premiere for the film is going to be open for the general audience to watch Arth2 with the cast!

You can watch the video below, to find out more!