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Despite numerous delays and talks of the film being shelved, it seems that the Sanam Saeed and Rehan Sheikh starrer Azad is finally set to release next month.

Although the film was originally supposed to release in late 2016 and then early 2017, the film saw several pushbacks and its future remained uncertain. However, recently, the film featuring Sabreen Hisbani, Nimra Bucha, Angeline Malik, Sanam Saeed, Imran Abbas, Rehan Sheikh, Zahid Ahmed, and Salman Shahid finally announced its release on February 9th.

The news came along with an official music video from the film titled, ‘Kuch Mat Kaho’ being released, which features Rehan Sheikh and Sabreen Hisbani, (and a random monologue).


Azad reportedly is a comedic commentary on media and narrates the story of a radio jockey in Pakistan, who balances life and his career in an almost dystopian environment.