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Raising the bar yet again, Sana and Safinaz decided to make their lawn a little more luxurious and a little extra glam by flying it out on an It Girl trip to Dubai. Unveiled over stylish lunch and dinner parties at Zuma and The Flamingo Room in Dubai, these soirees were high on style and inspirational on high lifestyle! No one parties like the Sana Safinaz girls!

sana safinaza

“This year we decided to up the lawn launch,” Safinaz Muneer spoke to us from Dubai. “We introduced the concept of the lawn launch a couple of years ago and now everyone has become sooo bored of it. So we decided to do a lunch in Dubai for a mix of IT girls and everyone is having a blast!” Needless to say, the Sana Safinaz Dubai IT girl trip was trending on Instagram just as hysterically.

sana safinaz

The unveil of course has given everyone a first look at what to expect when Sana Safinaz lawn 2018 launches on March 10, later this month. Deep palettes of rich and formal colours balanced with lighter shades of cream and yellow can be seen in the range. Sana Safinaz loyalists will be treated to 14 different prints, in 2 colour ways each. The range will launch nationwide, in all Sana Safinaz stores on the 10th.

sana safinaz

“Our lawn is not about daywear,” Safinaz reiterated what she’s been saying all along. “It’s about luxury; it’s a combination of silk, net, voile. It’s evening wear.”

What trends were they projecting for lawn this year, we asked.

“We always introduce new elements to the range,” Safinaz said. “As for styles in silhouettes, we introduced the short shirt a couple of years ago and then went longer last year. I’d say that the longer shirt is back.”

sana safinaz

The Sana Safinaz lawn 2018 campaign has been shot in Masaai Mara, Kenya (you may have seen behind the scenes pictures on Instagram) and will be released soon. Until then, enjoy these first looks and try deciding which prints you’ll be opting for.