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Something Haute officially turned TWO this May, which is when we sat down and wondered how to take things to the next level. At SH we were passionate about high end, quality content, aimed at creating a credible name for Pakistan’s fashion and celebrity in the world. We now wanted to give our readers access to the best of fashion and lifestyle, brands that we were already talking about. We wanted to create a haute space and naturally, as an extension of Something Haute and a logical progression Haute Shop was born. The aim is to put out the best of Pakistani fashion, now available, to our readers in Pakistan and around the globe.

Getting this show on the road, or rather online, has been a three month process; since we have a way with words and no experience at all with technology, we found the ideal partners in ezbuy, an e-commerce platform recently launched in Pakistan in collaboration with ezbuy global, headquartered in Shanghai with retail operations in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand and Pakistan ( We know our brands; they know the business. The best thing is that my brother – with his decades of experience in global retail – had brought ezbuy to Pakistan so this wasn’t just natural progression but a match made in heaven!

To introduce the Haute Shop we shot our first look and feel with top model Fehm Ansari, who’s from Lahore but has a unique face that truly qualifies as global. She was perfect, as brand ambassador, in Pakistan and in other market regions that ezbuy was operative in and beyond. The idea is for the world to have access to the best of Pakistan’s fashion and lifestyle and for Haute Shop to play a part as bridge.



Model: Fehm Ansari

Videography: Kashif Rashid

Hair & makeup: N Pro

Styling: Noor e Sehar