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With Pakistan’s growing love for food, it is safe to say that the way to every Pakistani’s heart is food. As a nation which continually celebrates various cuisines throughout the country this Kashmir Cooking Oil & Banaspati advertisement adds all the right seasonings needed for an impactful ad:


1. Men can cook too



Contrary to popular South Asian belief, men can go in the kitchen and can cook without wreaking a havoc. This ad presents a new narrative to the viewers that men can cook too, breaking the stereotype of ‘women belong in the kitchen.’


2.  Food is always the right answer



Whether it is your beau you have to make up to or you’re a gathering, making meals with love adds to your relationships in a positive manner. In this ad, we see a husband trying his best to win the wife over and apologize by cooking food for her. When you take the time out to cook for someone that automatically shows how much they mean to you.


3.  Be expressive




The advertisement also encourages young couples to be more expressive and not let their egos consume them. Through their campaign, Kashmir as a brand with their tagline ‘khaana toh bahana hai’ captures the beauty of a relationship shared by a young couple, instilling that although food is just an excuse to woo someone, it certainly works wonder and brings everyone together.


4. The star cast & their impact 



A lot of the ad’s impact is owed to the cast of it. Featuring Maya Ali and Ali Zafar who rose to fame as an on-screen couple after their super-hit film Teefa In Trouble the audience and fans were excited to see the two together once again. Moreover, an emotive message from them certainly creates an impact and stays with the viewers.


Through this advertisement, Kashmir ‘the brand of generations’ has successfully delivered what they were aiming at; real emotional flavours of life are strengthened when you use food as a way to communicate how you feel especially with Kashmir Cooking Oil & Banaspati


Watch the ad:


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