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Saheefa Jabbar Khattak, the girl who’s been known to break norms and pave paths in the modelling industry, got married in Lahore earlier today. Social media was abuzz with pictures pouring in from her functions. At one of her dholkis we saw the model in a bomber jacket that read “We Survived Log Kya Kahaingay Phase” and another of the couple at their nikkah with Saheefa in minimal makeup and a refreshingly minimal outfit that combined her mother and mother-in-law’s dupattas.


Saheefa on her nikkah


The wedding itself was held at a farmhouse in Bedian on a winter morning, with tables and chairs decked out in white floral arrangements. It went well with the dress code specified on the wedding card– white/off-white/gold for women and black suits for men. A ‘PS: the dress code is the most important thing to the bride’ was added and duly noted by attendees. The bomber jacket theme continued at the wedding, as seen on the photographers – they read “I’ll give an empowered wife and a daughter to this wife” and “My mother in law didn’t want me to change.” Trust Saheefa to make a statement even at her big day!



Saheefa’s husband Khizer wore Republic by Omer Farooq and the model herself wore a velvet tea pink Fahad Hussayn outfit and kept her hair curly, even more than usual. This was another breath of fresh air because which bride-to-be hasn’t been told to grow her hair longer for the sake of her wedding day? She also chose to eschew coordinated dances and synchronized steps and instead had a dance floor that people quickly and happily took to for freestyle dances. Models, designers, makeup artists, photographers and other friends from the industry came out to celebrate with the happy couple. We spotted Sadaf Kanwal, Rubab Ali, Eman Suleman, Rehmat Ajmal, Anam Malik, Guddu and Shani, Hannan, Shoaib, Fatima Nasir and Zonia Anwaar among others.


Anam Malik


Eman Suleman


Sadaf Kanwal


Rubab Ali


Zonia Anwaar


Check out this awesome video from Saheefa’s wedding here!


Best wishes to the couple from the team at Something Haute!