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Day one’s energy had successfully been transferred to day two, and though the ‘afternoon’ shows started nowhere near time, things were buzzing. The high-street shows were set to take place in one hall, followed by a solo show by Nida Azwer, and ending the night with luxury pret shows. While most collections disappointed, Nida Azwer and Saira Shakira were the saving grace of the day, successfully having us leave the venue as happy fashion-goers!

Saira Rizwan

day two

Monochrome and reds that will do well as simple casuals, minus the gharara pants

Saira’s last runway collection was nothing less than boring, but this time she surprised with her high-street wear. This collection was cool and wearable with interesting shalwar variations, couple with draped dupattas that looked trendy and ethnic. This collection seemed to tap into a very strong Bengali influence. However, one does wish that the designer had implemented on the silent ‘no more gharara pants on the runway’ memo. All in all, it was a simple and not particularly exciting, but would make for good casual wear.

Image – Dance of Spring


day two

Predictable, to say the least


The collection lacked innovation, and did not bring anything new to offer. Each design was similar to what most high-street brands offer in stores, and the additional frills and ruffles did it no favour. The brand is known for its classic fabric, which could have been highlighted with sleeker silhouettes, instead of ones that made for an inconsistent display.

Rici Melion – Uleysses


Yes, apparently that’s fashion


If you, like us, had never heard of Rici Melion, then that probably changed overnight. The menswear designer literally brought a circus to the runway, complete with Moschino inspired flower-boys, a clown, and a stuffed tiger. The theatrics (and cringe-worthy dancing models) could have been appreciated had there been any fashion quotient in somewhere hidden behind all the drama. Even Azfar Rehman as the showstopper did not work for Rici Melion. One wonders how this circus act got through the council’s usually watchful eye.


Nida Azwer - The Mughal Court


day two

Dreamy and beautiful!


Nida Azwer never disappoints, and this time she hit it out of the park. With a sufi-inspired playlist and a subtle colour palette, the collection was soothing on the eyes and had many sighing with envy. Though many of the ensembles did border on bridal wear, the designer played with silhouettes beautifully, bringing in flouncy layered skirts and multiple ways to drape a heavy dupatta. The Mughal Court theme was carried out with elegance, incorporating miniature style Mughal portraits onto jackets. We’re looking forward to seeing the ready-to-wear version of these formals. And thankfully, the Cake cast as showstoppers complemented the show instead of overshadowing it!

Shiza Hassan- Untamed Azalea


day two

It was difficult to tell these apart

It’s high time that ‘flora and fauna’ stopped being a part of any ‘inspiration’ for designers. Shiza Hassan’s Untamed Azalea was like watching one outfit done twenty ways. The colour palette was extremely monotonous, making it difficult to distinguish one ensemble from the other. Similarly, the colour-on-colour aesthetic also did not work well, blending in the embellishments with the base fabric and making them unnoticeable.

Shirin Hassan - The Colour Block


day two

This could easily have been an ensemble from 2010


Again, this collection was dated and uninventive. The colour blocking was predictable, as were the silhouettes. It’s a pity, since there are so many ways to play on the age-old block print technique.

Saira Shakira - Canvas


day two

The designer duo painted a bright canvas!


Artistic splashes of colour, experimental yet wearable silhouettes and uniformity of chic black belts made Canvas a fun watch. The collection had a preppy young vibe, which had been missing the whole day, and made for the perfect finale. Each ensemble had a unique element to it, be it a statement sleeve or innovative hemline, and will surely be a hit amongst the young crowd.

  • Photography by Faisal Farooqui @Dragonfly