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Visual presentations are the most consumed content on social media. In this day and age, when the standards of beauty are becoming harder to meet, every girl wants to look picture-perfect. And because of this, beauty and grooming tutorials have become extremely popular. Looking up easy DIYs is now the top search in the fashion and beauty category among young women in Pakistan. This seems to be the perfect opportunity for a brand to create and curate relevant beauty content pertaining to what women are eagerly searching for!

Having said that, Palmolive Naturals could not have chosen a better time than now to create its very own DIY series for hair, nail and makeup! This much-needed content is perfect for young women who are in search of easy-to-follow tutorials! Much appreciation to the brand as it has simplified the complicated process of applying makeup, sporting beautiful nails and hairstyles. The videos are simple and use everyday products like shampoos, soaps and hand washes, which are made from ingredients that are 100% natural.



Each video is based on a theme. For instance, the brand has picked up different occasions like travelling, work, lunch dates and dinner parties as well as hanging out with friends. The campaign was launched in August and is still underway. The nail DIYs are very creative as they play around with contrasting colours, textures and sparkles to make your manicures fun and interesting!



Grooming videos like these are loved by all age brackets. Anyone can try these workable DIYs as they are easy to replicate which is a definite plus. The brand’s simplified take on grooming without using too many complicated products or techniques is a breath of fresh air!

Find DIYs from Palmolive Naturals here.