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Fashion has seen its highs and lows this year, with the ever evolving fashion weeks, emergence of new brands as well as lots to love from old and trusted names. As a year in review, we take a look at the most memorable ready-to-wear collections from 2017.

While there were many more strong and impressive collections designed by respected brands, we feel that each of the following is one that has stuck with us over the months. These are our most memorable and what, we feel, is a perfect representation of the designer/brand it comes from.


Khaadi- Chapter 2


ready to wear


Perhaps the most memorable pret collection from this year was Khaadi’s revolutionization of ready-to-wear today. Khaadi established a separate brand which brings back its classic hand woven fabric in solid colours and trendy silhouettes, that too in a limited range! No print. No embroidery. No fuss. Very fashion forward.


Gulabo – The Hippie Trail



Gulabo’s signature truck art, graphic and technicolour prints came together beautifuly in this collection, which was inspired by the hippie movement and its free-flowing silhouettes. The brand also recycled their fabric cuttings by giving them to charity to make patchwork quilts – now that’s what makes it truly memorable! These are prints and silhouettes that we would associate with the brand for ever and ever.


Sonya Battla – Indigo Fusion


ready to wear


Presented at Fashion DNA London as well as the FPW this year, the collection was delightfully minimal and ethnic, as the designer’s aesthetic always is. Influenced by Sufism, while taking inspiration from the designer’s hometown Karachi, the blue tonal dyes and washes brought a breathe of fresh air from the mundane prints we see today.

Generation – Bring Basant Back


ready to wear


Another extremely memorable collection this year was Generation’s Bring Basant Back. It’s rare to see collections today that can be identified from afar as a signature of their brand’s creation, but Generation has always been one to stand out. Their silent protest to bring Basant back to the people was a perfect fashion and socio-political statement, as well as a treat to see on the runway.


Khaadi Khaas – The Nomad



Khaadi deserves a double commendation as their Khaas collection aced the brand’s contemporary spin on traditional craft with The Nomad at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week. Not only did they showcase some beautiful traditional embroideries, their play on a bold tribal colour palette combined with everything beautiful Khaadi stands for resulted in a brilliant show. There was colour, impeccable craftsmanship and some gorgeous statement pieces we’re still lusting for!

Stay tuned for the  Couture Edition!