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I recently caught up with Meera in New York and was pleasantly surprised to see warm and welcoming woman, who was nothing like the diva we’ve often read about in tabloids. We met at her friend Hamid’s famous Vidal Sassoon salon in mid-town NYC, where Meera was getting her hair done for an upcoming surprise movie project she’s working on these days. She immediately ordered some hot tea for me on that cold snowy day and we began chatting.

You can read the full conversation in Instep Today.

I did also ask her about the current status of men in her life; was there anyone special or was she ‘single and ready to mingle’?

“You know my dear, I am very busy these days and have no time for men,” she said, casually. “The truth is that no one approaches me either! All the men think that I am not approachable. No one approaches me to be their girl friend or to marry them. Yes, I have many fans who want to take pictures with me; they want me to give them autographs and that’s about it. No one really makes an effort to know ‘Meera the person’. They just want pictures with ‘Meera the actor.’ I feel that men don’t want to be with a strong media person such as myself. Perhaps they get intimidated. I don’t know because no one tells me.”



What would she be looking in a man, I asked her.

“My relationship needs are simple,” she responded. “Stability, loyalty, consistency, with someone who’s pleasant is what I desire, if anything at all.  However, I’m not willing to support anyone financially! Marriage is not even the main thing – it’s more important to find that caring person who values your companionship. Sex is not love. Love is caring. Mental connection is key and that’s what I crave. I have no desire to have kids and that’s a conscious choice I’ve made. I love kids but don’t want any of my own. In some ways, I’m still a kid myself! Having my own kid is a huge responsibility that I’m not ready for.”