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Natasha Baig has a powerful voice that leaves a lasting impression on the listeners. While she’s proved that she has command over all genres, Sufi Rock has mostly been the type of music she’s probably best at and well associated with. She is widely recognized for her recreation of Iqbal’s poetry Shikwa that she produced in collaboration with Coke Studio and Farid Ayaz and Abu Muhammad Qawwal.

The singer, who originally hails from Hunza, has now released a song on heartbreak. The song is titled Sitam and is about those who still possess the ability to forgive the toxic people in their lives despite knowing that they are unworthy of their care or forgiveness.

“Laal Series Proudly Presents the 6th Track “Sitam”, a modern Ghazal by none other than the most versatile singer Natasha Baig from our “Original Music Series Vol-1,” read the announcement by Laal Series.



Composed by Natasha herself, the lyrics have been beautifully penned by Hassan Ali Effendi. The pain in her voice and the depth in the lyrics create exactly the impact that the song claims to make. Nothing hurts you more than knowing you have a fake friend who secretly stabs you in the back.

When you are subjected to unkind behavior from a person you love and respect, it breaks your heart and makes you feel awful and that’s exactly the feeling that the song narrates.

While the song may not be Natasha’s best composition to date, it isn’t entirely bad either.  So, if you’re looking for a new song to add to your heartbreak playlist, this could be it.