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The usually chirpy and witty Mooroo is about to take a dark turn with his upcoming venture. Proving that there is nothing he won’t attempt to do, whether it’s a travelogue, a song, or funny sketches, Mooroo is now up to his elbows working on an upcoming web show, which he’s begun shooting for as of yesterday.

Something Haute reached out to Mooroo, inquiring about when he’ll start working on his feature film when the singer shared the news with us. “I don’t know about a feature film but I’m doing my web series for now. It’s a stepping stone – well everything is a stepping stone. But this is a bigger one.”

Elaborating further on the details of this web show, Mooroo revealed, “It’s a three part, 15 minutes each web series, interconnected stories, three different characters, repeated timelines. It’s about alcoholism, it’s about transformation, it’s about dealing with your past and your inner demons.”

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Probably what helps Mooroo is the fact that there is little to no censorship on the Internet, where content is driven by transparent numbers in the form of likes, shares and comments, which is why he can get away with talking about topics that are otherwise considered taboo for television.

“Of course, there is no compromise required on the Internet,” he concurred. “And plus, there are no TV channel heads who go like ‘yea only this stuff works so we will only play this.’ You can upload anything on the internet. If it works, it works, if it doesn’t then it doesn’t. Your failure is your own failure. Your success is also yours. No body can own that success. I like that responsibility and the way it affects me is that I like do better things then.”

Since the project is still being worked on, the name hasn’t been decided yet. “So far the working title is Sayay, as in shadows.” We’re looking forward to this!