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With her Coke Studio hits as her big claim to fame, Momina Mustehsan is one of the few stars who says it like it is. The young musician spoke about being cyberbullied because of her fashion sense, beauty stereotypes and more in a recent interview with Hindustan Times.

“For the record, I’d rather wear chappals than heels and my nail polish is chipped. My style statement is homeless,”  Momina, who is known for her nonchalant style, explained.

Talking about the famous scenario when the musician called out a troller for comparing her to a maid, Momina said, “I used this to call out the class differences in our society…being compared to a maid is not insulting to me, it’s an honour, because you’re comparing me to a woman who goes out to work and earn a living.”

So how does Momina deal with the hate comments?  “In fact, now whatever I do, I think of the worst comment that could come my way. I’ve installed this maila mindset so I can predict the worst thing someone can say about me,” she says.

“Being gentle is translated as weakness, especially in Pakistan,” says Momina. “That’s what I’ve faced in the one year that I’ve been part of this ‘circus.’”