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As we were recovering from the fever of all things grandeur and filmi in Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s wedding, social media went berserk when they spotted the name of Pakistani designer Mohsin Naveed Ranjha (MNR) on the cover of India’s top magazine — Filmfare — featuring the newly-wed groom.

The Lahore-based designer is a fan of Ranveer Singh and was in talks with his team for a long time. Speaking with Something Haute, Mohsin revealed why he chose Ranveer as the face for his clothing range. “Not only am I his fan, but his looks match my design aesthetics. It took quite a lot of convincing from my side to sway him into wearing something which isn’t as snazzy as his usual quirky looks,” Mohsin shared.




“The shoot happened in July in London and it was supposed to be revealed on December 1. However Filmfare decided to release a sneak peek earlier after witnessing how the couple’s wedding festivities were breaking the internet,” he added.

How did Bollywood’s leading magazine come on board? “I would have loved to see this shoot appear on a Pakistani magazine. But all of us are aware how popular Ranveer is not just in India but worldwide. He is an ambassador of Yash Raj as well so his team has to opt for the best choice. Ranveer has personally selected all the pictures that will be featured in Filmfare. A star of his stature has to be particular about every aspect of the job as, at the end of the day, it’s his image on the cover,” Mohsin explained.


Talking about his assortment which is now up for grabs, the couturier appreciated how Ranveer took interest in finalizing each look. “You can’t expect a Bollywood celebrity like him to wear anything so Ranveer had his input on every look from colours and shoes to the styling. We exchanged mood boards, and sketches. I wanted him to be seen in a different avatar but at the same time I didn’t want to lose my style sense; I think you can’t have a Pakistani jora without hand-embroidery. We decided to merge east and west to come up with designs that complement him,” Mohsin said.

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And he loved every minute of his interaction with the Bollywood star. “Ranveer admires Pakistani artists and said that he would love to visit Pakistan someday. A particularly interesting incident I remember is when we shared a car ride together. Before we sat in the car, his personal bodyguard sent a media file to his driver and told him to play it for Ranveer. When we sat in the car, I realised it was a hymn. The fact that he’s so spiritual really impressed me. In fact, I now ensure I start my day with a prayer too. It’s so important to establish that connection with God,” MNR added.




Ranveer will be seen in four looks, three of which have been revealed. Mohsin also plans to feature one of these designs at the upcoming Bridal Couture Week. “The clothes are in serious demand; we are receiving a lot of orders from the international circuit, especially from India. The shoot has proved to be a stimulant for me to introduce myself in the global fashion market,” he said, adding that he would love to work with a Bollywood actress or probably a Bollywood couple in the future.

And while this is certainly an incredible achievement for him, Mohsin is aware that he has more responsibility on his shoulders than before. “We need to be all the more cautious about quality now.” Mohsin said.