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It was International Women’s Day yesterday and we were delighted to hear from Meera, who sent us her Women’s Day message from New York, where she says she is vacationing these days. We think there’s something more exciting than a vacation brewing out there; Meera has been looking better than ever, she’s been making public appearances and her frequent trips to the USA indicate that there is something exciting up her sleeve. She’s not talking about it though.



What she is talking about is International Women’s Day and the message she wants to send out to all women, especially those affiliated with her field in Pakistan.

“It’s International Women’s Day today and it is our responsibility to project our best possible side to the world,” she says, straight from a snowy backdrop in NY. “I am an actor and I want my audience to see women as heroes, as survivors and as fighters, not as victims. We don’t always have to show reality. Sometimes we should show the world the reality that we want to see.”

We like what she’s saying and Meera is a fighter. She is one of the longest standing cinema stars Pakistan has today and we can’t wait to see her fight her way back into the limelight!