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News of the Day: It’s one thing to be social media savvy (which the highly popular Mawra Hocane is) but then it’s another thing to be so driven by that one Instagram post that your life choices depend upon it. We all had a good laugh when Mawra, in a recent conversation with us, shared the real drive behind completing her Law degree and giving all four of her scheduled exams this year.

“I had worked really hard for my first two (Law) exams and I was studying for my 3rd and 4th exams and I was dead,” she shared. “I was contemplating giving my last two exams next year. What difference would it make, I thought to myself? But then my mother threw an image of ‘that one Instagram post’ at me as incentive. She said whenever you’re exhausted just think about that one Instagram picture of you in your gown, holding a Law degree and the happiness it’ll bring you. The idea of posting that one image will bring you back on track. And it did!”

We can’t wait to see that one image of Mawra graduating with a Law degree because there aren’t many artistes, who are riding a successful wave in their career, who would take time out to complete their education. Mawra is a rare case and social media driven or not, we’re just happy that she has completed her exams and has them out of the way.