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Mawra Hocane is a frequent traveler, but even an experienced flyer like her can’t possibly remain unfazed during a turbulent flight!

On Monday night, Mawra took to Twitter to share — what she called — a #BadFlightRant.


She seemed quite shaken by the incident so we got in touch with her to make sure she was doing alright.

“It’s nothing serious,” she told Something Haute in an exclusive chat. “Just that we are caught up with so much stuff; work, our dreams and ambitions, little things in life, that we tend to forget one day we will leave all of this behind. That is until you have a near death experience,” she added.

Mawra disclosed that this was perhaps the most turbulent flight she had ever been on. “In my case, it was a very, very turbulent flight that really shook me up, both physically and mentally. It made me think how we aren’t grateful enough, not by choice but because we are so occupied, for the many people around us — our parents, our siblings, our friends — who love us unconditionally and matter to us the most, above and beyond everything else.”

Turbulent flights are terrifying, to say the least, and we’re glad that the young star is alright!