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The days of glossy lips have been long gone, at least in my diary, as matte colours just feel more practical and subtle. Having tried one each from Masarrat Misbah’s latest line of matte lipsticks and liquid lip colours, and being satisfied with the pocket-friendly formula, I wanted to give more of their colours a try.



I went for two matte lipsticks because I feel they’re easier to apply than liquid colours which need more precision. Since I liked the formula of their liquid colours more, I had to buy one of that too.


Matte Luxe- Desire


I love hot pinks, however, I never found one that looked good on me and I was pretty sure this wouldn’t either but thankfully I was wrong! It’s a popping pink, that lasts the whole day. As mentioned before, the formula isn’t as creamy as I’d like but nothing a dab of petroleum jelly can’t fix.



Liquid Lipstick- Fuschia Rouge


I tried the scarlet red Trouble first from the liquid line and seeing how tricky reds are, I was quite satisfied. This time I went for an extremely muted tone with Fuschia Rouge, which I thought I could use on a daily basis. Sadly, basing my judgment on a swatch wasn’t the best idea since the nude colour had a mauve tone to it, which didn’t really match my skin tone. It’s a unique colour on its own, but not the best one for me. I usually mix it with a touch of pink to make it a dusty rose colour of my own.


Matte Luxe- Allure



When it comes to subtle pinks, I am quite a hoarder. After being a MAC Mehr lover, I went for Allure, which has a brownish tinge and works well with pretty much any outfit. It’s a perfect soft summer tone, and will work perfectly for soirees and weddings in this sweltering heat!