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The clay mask trend hit stores earlier last year and just when it started to die down, L’Oréal introduced a new range of these masks for various types of skincare regimens. I tried two of these masks from the four that have been introduced, one for blackheads and pores and another for lightening and evening out skin tone.

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The pure clay mask they first introduced did not bode well for me because of its strong fragrance, so I was hoping for some major improvements with these ones. Having used them for around a month to assess the long-term effects, here’s how well they worked.

Marine Algae Clay Mask

This mask is supposed to clear blackheads and shrink pores, plus the metallic grey-blue colour was quite appealing in itself! Rigorous use of face scrubs and blackhead removing strips has only given me short-term effects and I was skeptical how a facemask could possibly help. The first application did not make any drastic change, but after using it for three weeks, twice a week, I am extremely satisfied. I’ve only been using it on my nose, since that’s where I need it the most, and my skin feels significantly smoother and clearer. Plus, its fragrance is less chemicalized and more bearable than the last mask!

clay mask


Yuzu Lemon Clay Mask

Anytime a beauty product claims to ‘lighten skin tone’, it makes me question the number of bleaching products it has. This particular mask didn’t make a significant difference, and I honestly didn’t use it more than 3-4 times. I did like how both the masks did not have an extreme drying effect when applied, and even after it was removed the skin felt light and normal.

For me, the Marine Algae mask is a winner and a great fix for my skin.