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Knorr noodles have always been an instant solution for our hunger pangs and a favourite among picky eaters, especially kids. Exciting new flavours, developed to satisfy the local taste palette, have been a major advantage and food is no longer boring for kids or grown-ups.

Chat Patta and Chicken flavours have always been loved throughout Pakistan. However, over the years, Knorr kept adding more variety and flavours to its instant noodle family such as mouthwatering variants like Chicken Jalapeno, Lemon Chilli, and Chicken Sizzler.

The brand’s recent TVC features the usual Knorr spirit which is vibrant, energetic and fun! Two boys, most likely siblings, are seen in the clip where the younger one cannot stop questioning the things around him. He also questions why there’s no cheese in the noodles.

Having heard the suggestion, the Knorr characters jump in and provide the perfect solution and the answer to the question. Because, why not?

We were also introduced to Chuck and Chatty’s newest gang member, CHEZ!

“The smartest person you will ever meet. Chez defeats boredom with the combined power of his awesomeness and a yummy bowl of Knorr Cheesy Chatt Patta noodles.”



Knorr Cheesy Chatt Patta noodles is the perfect mix of cheese and spice. However, to find out if it’s more cheesy or chatt patta, you’ll have to try this amazing flavour.



According to influencers on social media, Knorr’s recently launched Cheesy Chatt Patta flavour has become a ‘pawri’ preference.

“Having way too much fun with Chez’s contagious vibe and my delicious Knorr Cheesy Chattpatta noodles!” shared Dananeerr, the influencer who rose to fame for the ‘Pawri’ video that went viral.



Others also joined the party with headphones on, adding that they’re loving it!











If you haven’t tried this hot new flavor, get your hands on it and share your reactions on social media.