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With everything that has happened this year – locally and globally –  it would be fair to say that fashion might not be of the utmost importance or priority for many of its ardent devotees, who otherwise find it a much-needed distraction from the usual mechanics of their everyday lives. Sitting in a room with privileged people talking about runway fashion and everything else that mostly gets swept under the rug or lost in the hush whispers that echo on Friday night soirees, fashion feels trivial at best and shallow at worse.

Still, even in a time of uncertainty, the world of fashion – much like any form of art – holds the power to shape perspectives and push the boundaries of culture and perception. Thus, we have long argued about the importance of our fashion designers and their significance in being the ambassadors who take our story and culture, proudly around the world, presenting the finest and the most beautiful side of our country in front of an audience who might think otherwise.  However, amid the smog and slush that usually overwrites most of it, something awesome happened this week; fashion did take charge.

While protesters gathered around parts of Lahore for a disqualified Prime Minister and rigidities grew stronger on our eastern borders, two fashion brands roared in favor of celebrating the inclusion of cultures, religion, love, disbanding of hate and prejudice, and basically, celebrating the white in our flag.


Khaadi, a brand that holds the title for being the pride of Pakistan’s fashion industry premiered their Independence Day campaign that made rounds on social media. The campaign that featured Meesha Shafi took no time in becoming a viral sensation. So what was special about an Independence Day video this time? The difference was that this time the celebration was not just limited to the select few but it was a celebration of Pakistan – all of Pakistan. Their campaign titled #MeinBhiPakistanHoon exhibited the splendor that lies in its diversity. It urged that the celebration is of independence and that of inclusion.

Generation was another fashion house that took charge. They uploaded a picture of Jinnah and Gandhi, arm and arm, on their Instagram, wishing both Pakistan and its neighbor India, a happy independence day, putting forward a message of peace, unity, and cooperation. In times that have been exceptionally difficult for both the countries where relationships have been constantly strained from both sides, Generation’s message of peace and unity is what truly defines our values and show the world who we really are.

Of course, work remains to be done and there are miles to go before we can rest. However, what these brands have done should be applauded for taking the first step in presenting a more tolerant society, where we are finally being brave enough to say that we need to support the white in the flag and project the peace and tolerance that it advocates.