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Popular actress Sana Javed, who’s gained incredible popularity after her role in and as Khaani, is back on our television screens with a zesty character called Heer in Romeo Weds Heer. The actress, who also played the titular role in her big screen hit, Mehrunisa V Lub U, shared that transitioning from the role of Khaani to Heer has been a challenging task for her.

“It was extremely difficult because Khaani was emotionally draining and I lived that character and stayed depressed for as long as I was playing it,” she said while talking to Instep. She added that within the duration of the drama, her character transitioned from a shy meek girl to a strong and independent individual.

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“She (Khaani) became the breadwinner of her family, almost like a son. I jumped from that to Romeo Weds Heer and it was really difficult. Heer is a fearless and loud character and I absorbed her character, her style, her personality, which took so much energy and expression,” she said.

The actress who previously received appreciation for her performances in popular dramas like Pyarey Afzal and Zara Yaad Kar is playing the comic character of Heer in the newly released drama and said that actors need to detox from previous characters before taking on a new role, which can be stressful.

“We have to detox each character before we can step onto the set of the next. In Pakistan there is no character training; we rarely have time to research. Sometimes there’s not even a day’s break between two plays and you have no time to switch. It’s exhausting.”

She also added, speaking to Something Haute, that she felt it was important to think about the roles she accepted. She had a sense of responsibility, which magnified when she was playing Khaani and young girls would write to her, saying how much she had inspired them.

For now, Romeo Weds Heer was trending at number one on YouTube after the first two episodes and continues to get great ratings.