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Pakistani drama industry is gradually evolving with good scripts and better directorial ventures coming to the forefront. Actors like Ahsan Khan in Udaari, Sana Javed in Khaani and Mohsin Abbas Haider in Meri Gurya have set benchmarks of promising performances and moving characters. Adding to the list of versatile actors in the industry is Iqra Aziz.

Her career as an actor has bloomed over the past six years. From her toxic character as Naeema in Khamoshi to her amicable character in Tabeer, the actress, through her power-packed performances, has proved her mettle time and again. Now, with her new drama Ranjha Ranjha Kardi, the emerging star has given her 100 per cent while playing the fictional character of Noori.

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Exuberant, courageous and powerful, Noori is a girl who belongs to the lowest strata of our society but that does not keep her from achieving her dreams and what she aspires to be. She is a girl who knows how to stand up for herself and does not rely on others to reach new heights in life. She hails from a family of rag-pickers and is referred to as ‘choori’ since childhood because of her family background.

Aspiring to achieve more, Noori leaves to work in the city, not as mere house help, but to do a job of integrity which also pays well. On her Quran teacher and mentor, Bibi Jannatay’s recommendation, she lands a job in a clothing factory in the city and within five days she aims to pursue her dream of having a managerial job at the factory.



still from the second episode


This young girl, without any formal education or social training, believes to never take someone’s favour or wear or use preloved items. A powerful dialogue from the second episode clarifies that she is not only the one to fight all odds but also ensures to put forth her strong ethical standing; “Ehsaan kabhe kisse ka liya nahin aur tohfa tou kisse ne diya hee nahin kabhe,” she says while the factory owner hands her new clothes for daily wear.

This character, unlike many mainstream characters played by women in dramas, defies all societal odds. A woman, for a change, is not seen at the mercy of a man or begging for an ear to hear her story rather this character is paving her own way, on her own terms. This refreshing take on the resilience of women can pave the way for stronger characters in the drama industry.

The drama airs every Saturday at 8pm and is currently trending at number 6 on YouTube. It also stars Imran Ashraf as mentally challenged Bhola and Syed Jibran as Sahir.