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In a sweet gesture, Mawra Hocane — whose debut Pakistan film Jawani Phir Nahi Ani2 has smashed all box office records — chose to spend her 26th birthday at an old age home.

This, of course, was a departure from her previous birthday which was a grand and star-studded affair. So we got in touch with her to ask what prompted this change. “I am very close to my parents, Alhumdulillah. I hope they are happy with me and proud. It’s sad to see old homes filling up. I hope no parent has to see their children abandon them due to sickness or any other reason. I live away from my parents and I was missing my mother a lot. So I thought I’ll go get the love and duas of not one but many mothers. It was truly an overwhelming experience . I hope I can do this often and bring a smile on their faces,” she said during an exclusive chat with Something Haute.


The old age home Mawra visited is called Bint-e-Fatima and she hopes more people will pay them a visit. “When Allah blesses you with so much, it’s very important to give back. The least I can do is give out love and bring a smile on someone’s face. And that’s what I did!”

Here are some more pictures from her visit: