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Superstar Moammar Rana and Sonya Hussayn’s upcoming film Azaadi is a combination of action and romance. The movie is scheduled to release on Eidul Fitr and the actors seem to be working really hard on its promotions. Both of them were at the Something Haute office recently for a live chat and we definitely had a fun time talking to them.

Here are a few highlights:


1. Moammar and Sonya’s fitness obsession


The duo has something in common! Yes they are gym freaks. They both love working out as much as they love acting. When asked about how Moammar developed this passion, he said  that he is a huge fan of Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone and that’s where he got this inspiration from. He also said that since he gets angry a lot, it’s better for him to vent out all that anger at the weights in the gym instead of someone.


2. Momi’s everyone’s sweetheart


We discovered that Momi’s director used to call him ‘Momi jaan’ on set. When we asked Sonya if she ever called him that she was quick to respond, “Of course not. He’s married.” To which Momi cheekily replied, “So what?”


3. Sonya actually studied to be a physiologist 


Well, that’s certainly something we didn’t know! Sonya revealed that she has a degree in physiology and that if she wasn’t an actor we’d probably find her in a medical lab running blood samples!


4. There’s more to the movie than just action


In spite of all the action we’ve seen in the trailer, at its heart it’s a love story. The movie — which has been shot in Shogran, Mansehra, Kashmir, London, Dubai and Thailand — will feature some beautifully picturised songs as you can tell from this BTS image:



5. Friends forever?



A fan asked Momi that since his long-time colleague Shaan’s last film wasn’t so successful at the box office, does he feel nervous? To which he replied, “Shaan is my senior. His Zarrar (Shaan’s upcoming film) is coming soon and my Azaadi is coming so let’s see what happens. Although I am not too bothered by my movies being hits or flops. I always aim is to always look forward.”