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Harry met Sajal over the weekend and the outcome was not as brilliant as it was expected to be. I read the reviews before watching the film and despite all the bashing, went in with an open mind and frankly speaking, couldn’t understand what all the hate was about. You’ll read my review tomorrow but what caught my eye was the one Tweet that spoke out in favour of the film and I gave Humayun Saeed a call.


“I read the reviews and people had ripped it apart,” he said. “But I went with an open mind and I have to admit that it did make me laugh. The story is very simple – the entire film revolves around finding a ring in Europe – and as a producer I would not pick up this film; I would see it as a risky project. But you have to appreciate how Imtiaz Ali has taken a tiny story and spun two and a half hours around it. I laughed, I enjoyed it and I was entertained.”

I’d have to second that thought because it was thoroughly entertaining – a classic Shahrukh Khan romance – and I don’t see why people would go in expecting anything beyond that. More on my thoughts later…

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