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A faux fashion exhibit has allegedly used ace designer, Hassan Sheheryar Yasin’s name for their exhibition in Lahore scheduled for Saturday.

HSY, who took to Instagram to refute the claim, informed his clientele that the bridal exhibit, ‘Noor,’ which will be taking place at the Pearl Continental Hotel in Lahore has nothing do with him or his brand and that one should be wary before going.

“The show happening on the 22nd at PC is NOT our show,” HSY wrote.

The designer also mentioned that he will be serving a legal notice to the organizers.

“The organizers are using our name and logo without consent and will be served a legal notice,” he added. “Anyone attending should know that we have NOTHING to do with it,” he wrote.

After HSY’s post, the Facebook page for the exhibit has been taken down. However, it is still unclear whether the event is actually taking place or not.