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Saheefa Jabbar is on a roll; earlier it was her unconventional wedding that made headlines, and now it’s going to be her wedding dress. Yes, the young model turned actor is all set to auction her velvet tea pink Fahad Hussayn bridal outfit! The proceeds will go to charity, just like she had earlier stated.

From a jar of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s breath (yes, that is a thing) to Kim Kardashian’s used bras and Justin Timberlake’s half-eaten French toast, everything related to these stars sells.

This is not the first time celebrity clothing has been auctioned, and we were really happy to hear that Saheefa planned on putting it to use rather than allowing it to collect dust at the back of her closet.

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She is going to be displaying her bridal outfit at the Fashion Pakistan Lounge (FPL) Lahore and people can see it anytime after Friday. In conversation with  Something Haute, she said, “I cannot disclose the amount I paid for the gorgeous Fahad Hussayn outfit. I don’t think that should even matter; what matters is the donation I can collect through it. I’m not even quoting a price myself but the more, the better, obviously. However, I am expecting  somewhere between 500k to 1000k.”

Speaking about how she will use the money made through the auction she said, “The aim is to visit Thar after my shoot in May and check the status of water there. We all know that there is a shortage of clean water, so I want to provide them with this very basic necessity. Other than this I want half of the proceeds to go to a new charity based cancer hospital in Raiwind.”

Also, knowing that there’s only a limited amount she can make through this current sale she added, “This is what I can do right now, however, my future plans are bigger! I want to start a girls school and do my part to empower the future women of Pakistan.”

More power to you Saheefa Jabbar! May you have all the success in making the world a little better!

Have a look at the outfit below: