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Sanam Saeed and Mohib Mirza are all set to share screen once again with their upcoming drama, titled Deedan. The posters revealed so far look pretty intense and fans can’t wait to finally watch the play.

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“I was interested to work with a director I haven’t worked with before and I liked his approach and understanding of situations and characters. I think it’s important to work with different channels, directors and production teams… and step outside the safe zone,” Sanam had earlier said while speaking to Something Haute.

Director Amin Iqbal also seems to have some great views about Sanam. “I always wanted to work with her but I could never come up with a challenging role for her,” he said speaking to Instep.


He added that since she has come from the world of theatre, she was suited for the role as it required her to make use of her body language and facial expressions, the way a theatre artist does.

As for Mohib, who has worked with him on two dramas before Deedan, the director stated, “I like Mohib as an actor because he is one of the very few actors who know their job and being an intelligent artist, he also comes up with innovative ideas on set.”


Society is quick to punish women but it doesn’t give them their due rights and Deedan is the story of one such woman. The drama aims to bring a positive change in the society and is penned by Attiya Dawood.

The drama will air later this month.