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Mahira Khan has risen to prominence in recent years, making the country proud with her talent, and the 33-year old is the first female star from Pakistan to attend the Cannes Film Festival as L’Oreal Paris Pakistan’s official spokesperson for Hair Care.

These past three days have been all about Mahira’s various looks at Cannes, ranging from the casual and leading up to her ultimate red carpet look on the Cannes red carpet as she walked up to the premiere of BlacKkKlansman by Spike Lee. Mahira was wearing a dress by Alberta Ferretti, jewels by Chopard and was styled by long time friend and stylist Amar Faiz. (Photographed by Shakeel Bin Afzal.)

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Something Haute got in touch with Pakistan’s top designers, especially those who are popular red carpet maestros and here’s what they had to say..

Khadijah Shah


“Mahira epitomised old world glamour, her cascading side part hair, the luscious red lip the beautiful Chopard jewels left us awestruck – she is beautiful but prefers to be natural. On the Cannes red carpet the international stylists and hair makeup teams gave us a peak into what her true potential is – she is simply stunning! ”


Nomi Ansari


“Some people are naturally beautiful and Mahira is a true example. She wore a million dollar smile all the way on the red carpet.”




“It was elegant, classic and she carried it with poise. That’s what matters at the end, the final image. And it said loud and clear, I have arrived. And in that is her ultimate win. And ours.”


Faraz Manan



“Mahira is a beautiful star and a friend. She has looked gorgeous throughout. In my opinion, a proper haute couture fusion outfit by a Pakistani designer could have really made a mark at the red carpet, showing the world what we excel at (embroideries and embellishments).”


Ali Xeeshan


“Mahira is undeniably stunning. However, I would have loved to see a little more touch of Pakistani soul incorporated in her outfits somehow.”


Shehla Chatoor


“I always design for the red carpet keeping in mind the celebrity’s personality and the event. Mahira has her own sense of style and it was displayed by her on the red carpet. We are all proud of her for representing our country on the world stage.”


Kamiar Rokni 


“What I like about her look is that it is more about Mahira rather than the dress. She looks old world glamorous and though it is not the most ground breaking dress but on her it’s bringing out a quality we have not seen before.”