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It’s the beginning of the new fashion year, with the cooler seasons around the corner and the worldwide commencing of fashion weeks. While we wait for local fashion weeks to begin, New York Times has already laid down some major trends for the season, which we will surely be seeing here too. However, keeping things practical, here is how you can translate the international trends to your local wardrobe!

Haute Trends: Winter is coming but are you fashion-ready for it?


international trends

Take note from Sohai, wearing Ali Xeeshan

Velvet gained popularity last season as well, and though it doesn’t really get cold enough to deck up in it head-to-toe, it looks pretty cool. A popular way of carrying it locally is as a statement shawl, heavily worked or simple, especially when paired with formal wear.

Red hot everything

international trends

Anything hotter than Mahira Khan in red? We don’t think so!

Red has been termed as ‘hautest’ colour of the season and we totally agree! It’s fiery, it’s attention grabbing and it always looks absolutely gorgeous! So other than beautiful bridals, be prepared for red everything this season.


international trends

Alyzeh Gabol’s version of athleisure

The ‘workout outfit’ trend has been catching on recently, and though we’re a bit skeptical about it, it’s here to stay. Not really something one can give a desi touch to, but you can take note from local fashionistas who carry it off with ease, probably because it’s so comfortable.

Laced up tops

international trends

An interesting trend we’d like to see more of

Though it’s a much better version of corset tops, this is still going to be tricky to carry! Save it as a statement piece for your night out, and make sure you pair it with right kind of pants. Also remember: fitting is the key, you don’t want a laced up top that resembles a sack!