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Fashion Week season has commenced worldwide, and while fashion remains the main focus, one can’t possibly sideline the innovative hair and makeup trends that come with it.

While Paris Couture Week made statements in a league of its own, we’re looking to our neighbours in the East for beauty inspiration that matches our culture and norms more closely.

Here are some of the innovative beauty trends we spotted at Lakme Fashion Week 2018 (LFW):



Plaited hair has such a light summery feel to it, and LFW gave a hip twist to this traditional hairdo. From threading coloured yarn to the hair to multiple braids in a ponytail, these hairstyles stood apart and are something that can be easily adapted to add a twist to your everyday look.

Big Hair


The natural crimped look just got wilder as big hair took the runway! If you’re daring enough to try this out, the humid summer weather might just be enough to achieve this look…

Glitter Under-Eyeliner


Metallics were all the rage this past season, and looks like they’re here to stay for a while. We personally love the simple yet creative touch this look brought by adding a glittery line to your under-eye.

Smudge of Coloured Eyeshadow


Don’t go all out with bright hues for eyeshadow, instead add just a smudge on either corner of your eye for a funky look.

Dewy Skin


Of course a universal favourite, the dewy ‘no-makeup’ look is here to stay on high demand. LFW saw a lot of subtle peach and pink tones being used to achieve this all-over dewy shimmer.

Are you up for trying out any of these?