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Our beloved Hauteliers, even though we wrapped up our Pakistan Sunsilk Fashion Week 2018 coverage sometime ago, the red carpet is just one of those things that never truly ends among the set of famous people. Not that we need to compare this gathering to any of the previous award show red carpets, but where there are famous people wearing loud outfits and posing for the cameras, we’ll be there holding our head up high before heading inside to pat each other’s backs.

Which means one thing and one thing only: the court is in session!

Anaum Hammad


The whole look seems too overwhelming for her, it might be the crazy pants or the fact that this look feels just all too generic.


Anusheh Shahid

It’s a gorgeous piece of fabric and the parrot motif is really adding to it. The shoes are a let down though. Beige? Really? You couldn’t have added a little colour?


Haiya Bokhari


Very ‘shower curtain wrapped in a loofah’– no?

Jimmy Khan


Somebody find Jimmy some work!


Kamiar Rokni


Show ’em how it’s done! We’re living for those shoes.


Maria B


We don’t love it, but it sure is serving her brand.



Here at this convent, we whip you  sinful girls back into fashionable shape!


Ali Xeeshan


Burn us at the stake, if you may, but we love this coat.


Cybil Chowdhry


This is really fierce, but we’re not loving the shoes. It’s making the look feel too heavy and serious.


Sara Shahid