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Our most beloved Hauteliers, so much has happed this past week, on and off the red carpet and now it’s time to wrap this little soiree up in pretty little packing and send it deep into our archives. Why? Because we can’t possibly in good conscience leave a red carpet unjudged. We’re doing this for everyone’s moral standing, you see.

Although we won’t say there was an abundance to choose from, but they did manage to put forth 3 real life celebrity appearances, which is almost twice as much as last time. If that doesn’t make you jump up in glee, you are probably dead inside. Now, let’s just skip all the niceties and get straight to the judging part, yes?

Saima Bargfrede


We really expect somebody with such an interesting and chic look to not show up on the red carpet in Granny pants. We’re living for your shoes, otherwise.

Aamna Aqeel


This will make for a very chic look on a cruise vacation but here at fashion week we’re just going to judge those elephant pants.

Amal Qadri


You’ll either hate it or you’ll love it and fortunately we’re of the later opinion. It’s bright and makes us feel warm inside. Good job Miss Thang, you’ve made our dreams come true.

 Anousheh Shahid


She’s serving us some major Kardashian Chic and might we say, well done on serving up fashion at fashion week. We would have picked out different shoes though, we say as we’re slowly tip off our denim jacket from our shoulders.

Anoushey Ashraf


The top half of this entire look is so chic that it left us dazzled but then those pants just seem like an afterthought and then the metallic heels made us bow again. What are you even doing to us?

 Sarwat Gilani


We’ll give a standing ovation to how well the colour is working for her not to mention the hair and makeup are flawless. We just cannot agree to the shoes though.


Feroze Khan


Feroze Khan was perhaps the most high profile star to be seen at fashion week and we love that he kept his youth and rising stardom when he turned up in a relaxed Jazib Qamar body suit and trainers instead of a stuffy suit!