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Beloved Hauteliers, with Lahore’s smog season finally over and fashion season going in full swing, might we say we’re enjoying the abundance of this fashion bounty which is making us scramble to get our opinions in order. They’re are just so many, we can’t help it. However, for this post, we’re going to turn our optimistic switch on because not only has Miss Ammara Khan given a whole new meaning to what a fashion presentation can be with just a bit of creativity, she was a wonderful host too.

What can we say, we’re suckers for a good plate of hors-d’oeuvres and a room full of pretty people. Now let’s line up the ladies and roll out the one-liners. Whose in? Of course, you all are!

Ammara Khan



Definitely ruling the night was Miss Khan in her statement jacket and might we say we’re living for those pants.


Shehrbano Taseer



If we were ever to be born again we would want to be born as Shehrbano. She’s gorgeous and never screws up with her style choices.


Sehyr Saigol



This is probably what our winter style/chic mood board would look like, bow down to the queen.


Mira Sethi



Fuss-free chic, thank you for listening to us although the shoes are a bit tacky.


Fatin Gondal and Izza Sami



These may not be the most cutting-edge looks but they both look pretty darn fabulous.


Anoushey Shahid



Generically pretty and conventional for her, although when you are this strikingly pretty, does it matter?


Naz Mansha, Jalal Salahuddin and Iqra Mansha


Is it just us or do you all also want to be part of this trio? We’ll get the ice!