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It’s been an especially busy Eid for the film industry and while we too have been obsessed with JPNA2, Load Wedding and PHJ, we did get a sense of relief when all premieres were over and we could shift our attention to Eid fashion. Eid fashion is pretty basic but it’s always fun to find those stand out celebrity pictures that make us smile.

Here are a few of those this year…



Zayn Malik’s mismatched shalwar (rather trouser) and white kurta was an endearing as Gigi Hadid’s traditional outfit.



The always impeccable Rehan Bashir gave us perfection of style in this short kurta paired with a black pajama and those classic black and gold khussas. The highly stylized beard helps too.



A sight for sore eyes; we don’t know what’s best in this image: Sadaf Kanwal’s traditional outfit or that flawless smile.




Ahmad Ali Butt is the heart and soul of JPNA and his adorable son is obviously his heart and soul. Love the coordination.



Mawra looks delightfully fresh in this lime green outfit on Eid, which she welcomed as the first Eid in Naya Pakistan!



Never one to conform, Amin Gulgee posted this Eid image and we have to stop and appreciate the artistic rendition of his red-splattered tunic. We’re sure he didn’t slaughter a goat. Or kill someone.




How adorable is this family picture of Shahroze, Syra and their daughter. That’s a statement, not a question.



Riding high on the success of Teefa in Trouble, Maya Ali looks lovely this Eid. We wonder where we’ll see her next.