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Our beloved hauteliers, only a month in and 2018 is already proving to be quite the year in fashion and film. With major award show shakeups, soft coups in high street brands and another few fashion breakups, it isn’t shocking that we’ve been glued to our newsfeed all throughout the day.

While the rest of the world lays down its carpet to some heavy high-end fashion, sadly not much has changed here as our famous people (you see we’re avoiding the term ‘stars’) continue to be consistently exhausting.

We’re not complaining; it’s what keeps us employed and our readers entertained so let’s put our reading glasses on and serve up a little Haute judgement.

Minal Khan


Yeah, no. Radioactive sludge is never a good choice of shade for any public appearance. Sorry, not sorry.

Aamna Ilyas


A little early for Valentine’s Day, don’t you think?

Mahira Khan


We absolutely love her low key style but we’d just wish she had chosen something to lift this look up a bit. The shoes are gorg though!

Hasnain Lehri


We’d totally say something bitchy here but to be honest, we’re kinda jealous of the outfit.

Elnaaz Nourouzi


Stale, generic and downright B-list.

Ghana Ali


Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you Bobo the clown. It’ll amuse you with balloon magic and hideous fashion.