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Have you ever wondered what your favourite celebrities are like in real life? We have too! And while interviews help in painting a somewhat familiar picture of our stars, celebrities are more honest when they’re put on the spot and asked to answer all questions from the top of their heads, in under 6 minutes. Something Haute asks Hania Amir some real questions that we’ve all been wondering about her.

Craziest childhood memory: “Once my younger sister was all covered in baby powder, and she was only 5 at the time. At first I got angry at her but then I joined in and we started playing with the powder. I was a conformer as a child.”

One thing you’ll never eat?: “I would try everything, even worms. I’ve even tried snails once.”

Favourite co-star: “Sabeena Syed. She’s my best friend.”

Hania Amir

Hania with her bestie, Sabeena Syed

Would you ever do an item song?: “Yea but with like full clothing though (laughs).”

Chai or coffee? “Chai.”

Worst haircut ever?: “None. Once I cut my own hair into a pixie cut. You know that girl from Twilight, Alice? On my 18th birthday I cut my hair like hers and my mom was really pissed. It looked good though.”

Morning person or night owl?: “Depends on my routine. But I think I’m a morning person.”

Biggest problem in our country: “Intolerance.”

Favourite social media app: “Instagram!”

Hania Amir

Hania’s most recent Insta-selfie

Name an addiction: “I always like to smell good. I even put perfume on my feet and stuff.”

Karachi or Islamabad? “I like Karachi! It’s more happening.”

Favourite film: “Tangled and Ram-Leela.”

If you could be a Disney princess, which one would you be?: “Rapunzel from Tangled.”

Hania Amir

We can see that Hania would make a great Disney princess!