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People who know Hamza Ali Abbasi will agree that there are two sides to the man. There’s the one side that we see on BOL (and frankly aren’t too fond of) and then there’s the other that we see on TV and in films and have grown to love and appreciate. We are looking forward to Parwaz Hai Junoon and Maula Jatt – two big banner films featuring Hamza Ali Abbasi that are expected to release this year.

I haven’t quite cracked the code and figured out which one of Hamza’s two alternating egos is dominant, but the one I find myself occasionally talking to is fun; Hafiz Saeed never comes up in the conversation! Imran Khan does, of course. He’s a common point of interest.

In a recent conversation with Hamza Ali Abbasi, we spoke about optimism and hope for Pakistan in the New Year and what would or could change after the general elections.

So, did he see Imran Khan as Pakistan’s next Prime Minister?

“I sure hope so,” Hamza replied. “If not, it’ll be tragic for us.”

Didn’t he think it was realistically unlikely, though?

“Nothing is unlikely in Pakistani politics,” he smiled.

“Inshallah there will be a Naya Pakistan,” he concluded. “But remember, even God doesn’t change the fate of a nation if they don’t want to change it themselves!”



  • Part two of this conversation is on Hamza’s predictions on films in 2018 and his character in PHJ and MJ…