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There is no denying the fact that minimalism has now become much more than a trend; it has become a zeitgeist. In a world which is focused on complex tutorials with countless steps, top stylists around the globe are advocating the concept of a natural look. One of those top stylists is Nabila, who launched No Makeup in Pakistan two years ago and recently rechristened it as Zero Makeup just before going international.

I caught up with the image-maker in Dubai, at Bloomingdales to be exact, where her brand Zero Makeup is now retailing. Can I just stop to reinforce what a big achievement that is!

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To top it off, Nabila had roped in Australian actress and singer – Tammin Sarsok – famous for her role in hit series Pretty Little Liars, to launch the brand in Dubai.

‘Nabila is an incredible woman, so dedicated and sharp,” Tammin said at the event at Dubai Mall. “I thank her for having me on board for this brand. I truly believe in the brand and I respect it for the fact that the product and the ingredients are ethically created. It has a message for young girls to be themselves and take pride in who they are.”



I also caught up with Nabila to get some more insight into the Zero Makeup palette, which advocated minimalism in makeup; quite the exact opposite of the globally popular ethos of brands like Huda Beauty.

“Zero makeup is the makeup that doesn’t announce itself,” Nabila reflected upon her own philosophy. “It is invisible so you can look flawless and your natural self is enhanced without looking like having any makeup on. Also, the name Zero says it all. Zero is my philosophy which stands for less is more and I am a true believer of that.