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Extending a message of peace in these traumatic times we live in, Huma Adnan presented Pegah, meaning early light of day in Persian, as her spring/summer 2018 collection at Fashion Pakistan Week. Incorporating jewellery designed by refugee women seeking asylum in Pakistan, this was a collection that played with the colours of sunset, aiming to establish an air of peace and tranquility.



Starting off the show with actress Noor Khan, dressed in a black belted floor length dress (below), Huma Adnan aimed to show the contrast between war and peace. “We moved from black to ivory and pastel tones to show the contrast between war and peace,” the designer told us. “Noor is a wonderful girl to work with. She looks like a dream and dressing her in the black attire was to show our dream vision of peace,” Huma spoke.


fnk asia



The pastel and free flowing silhouettes were also complemented with thick leather belts, to give a “Warrior Princess” feel, the designer told us, furthering on the concept of war and peace. “We are all warriors in a way, trying to fight the social injustices,” she opined.



Showstopper Zara Noor Abbas, who showed sass and attitude in her walk that has since gone viral, was asked to depict that Warrior Princess attitude, indicating that the world needed fighters to counter the situation it was in.


fnk asia


Huma is also aiming to hire some of the refugee women she has worked with, in order to play a small part in helping some of the 50,000 women seeking asylum in Karachi alone. “I’m looking to train them so they can economically sustain themselves in the future also,” the designer informed us.

The showcased jewellery and ensembles will be available at the Fnk Asia store soon. Pegah will also serve as inspiration for FnkAsia’s upcoming Eid collection.

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