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The world loves a fairy tale so when model turned actress Fia Khan shared news of a new Prince Charming in her life (she even wrote a status about kissing a few frogs before she found him), we couldn’t help but feel elated for her.

Khan, who’s going to be seen soon in the upcoming film Teefa In Trouble, took to Instagram to announce her engagement to Tolga Erken, thanking him for being in his life and for making her feel ‘like a kid.’



“I used to laugh when few friends of mine use to say “Sometimes in life, you have to kiss a few ugly frogs to find your prince.” Now, I truly believe it! As I never thought I could ever fall in love, trust or believe in a relationship again … but as they say, the best relationships are the ones you never saw coming […] Thanks for making me believe that it doesn’t really matter what the world says! You don’t have to but thanks for even saying that you promise to erase all my bad memories of my past and give me the brightest future!” Fia wrote.

Eager to know more, we gave Fia a call in Berlin and first caught her having dinner with Tolga; the two were celebrating their 6-month anniversary together. Excusing ourselves from the romantic dinner, we called her the next morning and got the details.

“We met at a restaurant where my whole family was celebrating my father’s birthday,” Fia shared. Fia’s parents live in Berlin, where she was raised.

You can read her full story here:

“He was there with his colleagues and entire team. We saw each other and if were like God brought us together. I didn’t plan anything. I was separated and he was going through his divorce; we both were dealing with broken relationships. This was like God brought us together; we could laugh together…somehow we exchanged numbers and started seeing each other every day.”

How did he propose, we were eager to learn?

“He proposed after four months and it was so unexpected. I was even a bit shocked as I wasn’t expecting it even though he had been dropping hints of spending our life together. He had gone through a bad phase and so did I and he also believed that Allah brought us together.”

“So we went to the same restaurant at which we had met to celebrate our four month anniversary and he ordered kunefe, my favourite Turkish dessert. When I lifted the lid there was a ring on a bed of petals and that’s how he proposed to me.”

Curious to know which language they communicated in, she laughed before saying that they spoke mostly in German and she understood Turkish although she couldn’t speak it.

Fia’s fairy tale romance just goes to prove that you should never give up on love and we truly wish her a happily ever after!