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In the social media age that we live in today, the idea of fandoms has broken all boundaries between a celebrity and their fan. Whether it’s Instagram or real life, if there’s a star in the vicinity, one can be sure that the fanfare is forthcoming. Such is also the case in Feroze Khan’s life as his career reaches new heights with Khaani.

Charting his success one episode at a time, Feroze – or should we say, Mir Hadi’s fans are making sure they are visible to the actor and that he should know they are rooting for him. And what’s the best way to do that? Social media, of course! It doesn’t take that long for one to type ‘Feroze Khan Khaani…’ in the search bar on any given social media app and see the number of pages attributed to him.


A simple search on Instagram provides a list of Khaani and Feroze fans which just keeps going on and on …


However, none outside Pakistan take his success more seriously than his fans in India. Comprising everything about his life from his previous relationships to Khaani, such pages and fans have a keen eye for what his next step is going to be on the show.

“Fans have played the strongest role,” said Feroze, when we asked him what he thinks about his fans and the fandom he has. “It’s just really overwhelming, Khaani has certainly made a mark of its own; all the hard work is paying off.”

Fan-made videos of the show aren’t uncommon either, and often certain fans will pick and choose their loved scenes from the show and make videos. In the same manner, ‘Indian’s reacting’ – which is now a whole group of people obsessed with Pakistani shows – also have Khaani as their top favourite and Youtube is their go-to place.



Youtube is the latest social media app being used to discuss FK and Khaani by his fans!


Although Feroze is beyond just a social-media star, unlike many in his generation of actors (his work does speak for him), his fans make sure his following on social media remains sky-high as Khaani moves forward.