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After having a successful run on TV, Feroze Khan is all set to make a return on the big screen in 2019. Although his debut film Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai failed to make a mark, the actor is looking forward to the new year and plans to announce details about his big screen project soon.

In an exclusive conversation with Instep, the actor revealed the big news and also spoke about his experience of working with Mehreen Jabbar for his forthcoming drama Dil Kya Karey.

“You will probably hear about a film in 2019. If I’m not signing with someone else then I will do it myself,” the actor said.

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Talking about his role he said, “My character – Armaan – is completely different to my earlier portrayals on-screen. Armaan is a selfless guy. He wants to do good to everyone and wants to make everyone happy. I always take things back from my character; Mir Hadi in Khaani strengthened my faith. I like Armaan’s selfless approach towards life.”

Dil Kya Karey is a romantic drama which revolves around the lives of three pivotal characters portrayed by Yumna, Feroze and Maryam. Feroze also said that although he found it challenging to work with director Mehreen Jabbar, he enjoyed his journey. “Working with Mehreen was amazing. She is a different kind of director; she is well-educated, well-spoken and well-read. She used to guide me and tell me what movies to watch while we were filming. Working with her was insane but I enjoyed it.”



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The drama features Yumna opposite Feroze which is a fresh pairing as his past three successful projects starred Sana Javed as his on-screen leading lady. “She [Yumna] is a brilliant actor and a thorough professional who brings a lot to the table. That said, Sana is a great friend and I didn’t mind the fandom going on for us as an onscreen couple. People did like us together.”

The OST of the drama was released three days ago but fans are still awaiting a date for the drama to go on air.